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Laboratory Test Equipment Portfolio

These are photos of the lab equipment that I use to service any type of (tube, transistor or integrated digital) electronics. Although, I prefer digital electronics and programming, having been a computer technician for 12 years. Vintage electronics, as always, is a pleasure to service.

Hope, with time on my hands, I'll post more equipment and details available about my lab.

Amprobe RS-1 (1969)<br /><br>Analog Clamp-On Mutimeter with leads.<br>AC Voltage 	0-150/600 3% of full sale.<br>AC Current 	0-6/15/40/100 3% of full scale. : Figure 59 :


Astron Corporation VS-20M (1994)<br />Features separate Volt and Amp meters. Output Voltage adjustable from 1.8-14.8 Volts DC. Current limit adjustable from 1.5 Amp to full load. Continuous Duty 16A@13.8VDC, 9A@10VDC, 4A@5VDC. ICS 20A@13.8VDC. : Figure 43 :

Astron Corporation

AVO Multiminor Mk.1 (1950)<br />AVO Multiminor Mk.1 Made in England. Vintage, 1950s meter is fully functional and in very good condition. MMM! Didn`t notice the chip until I saw the photograph. : Figure 95 :


AVO Universal Avometer Model 8 Mark IV (1971)<br />Current AC: 10mA-10A
Current DC: 50uA-10A
Voltage AC/DC: 2.5V-2,500V
Resistance: 0-20M ohm
Decibels: -15dB/+15dB
Accuracy: AC Voltage/Current ±2.25%
DC Voltage ±2% - DC Current ±1% 
Sensitivity: AC 2,000 ohms/V
DC 20,000 ohms/V : Figure 96 :


AVO Test Bridge (1944)<br />Avo Test Bridge, this fine piece of equipment tests capacitors, resistors, leakage of capacitors, power factor, measures against external standards, and last but not least its a valve volt meter, quite impressive for 1944. : Figure 97 :


Bach-Simpson 77 (1948)<br />Absorption Wavemeter-Modulation Indicator : Figure 55 :


Extech EX520 (2014)<br />Extech True RMS Digital Multimeter. My pride and joy of owning a decent meter. : Figure 94 :


Homebrew Bench Power Supply (1995)<br />Linear Dual Isolated Adjustable Output of 1.2-20 Volts 3.5 Amps. Readout displays Voltage and Amperage. Voltmeter has an external conection to channel selected. Four different setups - Isolated, Series, Parallel and Tracking outputs. : Figure 70 :


Jackson 612<br />Vintage Analog Multimeter : Figure 101 :


Marconi Instruments Ltd. TF2700<br />LCR Test Bridge. Portable battery operated. : Figure 100 :

Marconi Instruments Ltd.

Matsushita Co. VP-911C (1965)<br />Vacuum Tube Volt Meter (VTVM) with RF Probe using an Eimac 2-01C UHF tube diode. The best way to directly measure voltage in high impedance circuits. : Figure 62 :

Matsushita Co.

MFJ Enterprises, Inc. MFJ-956 (2002)<br />Antenna tuner helps in rejecting images, intermod, and phantom signals. Tunable from 0.15 to 30 MHz, not very good in the AM Broadcast band. : Figure 39 :

MFJ Enterprises, Inc.

MFJ Enterprises, Inc. MFJ-202B (2001)<br />Receiver Noise Bridge used to adjust any antennas. Works from 1 to 100 MHz. Can measure resonant frequency, feedpoint resistance and reactance. Not very accurate unless calibrated. : Figure 40 :

MFJ Enterprises, Inc.

Monacor FSI-4<br />SWR, Power, Field Strength Meter. Maximum RF power of 100W. Frequency range of 1.5 - 150MHz. : Figure 41 :


Rycom Instruments 3136A (1976)<br />Selective Voltmeter. Now used as a VLF beacon reciever. : Figure 99 :

Rycom Instruments

Superior Tube Tester TV-11 (1964)<br />This is an emission type of tube tester, which some feel is inferior to the transconductance type of testers. However, if you are just trying to see if a tube is good or bad, then this one works for me. : Figure 50 :

Superior Tube Tester

Supreme Instruments Corporation 490<br />Vintage Analog Multimeter : Figure 102 :

Supreme Instruments Corporation

The Service Bench Model Two (2002)<br />This is where it all happens. I service all my radios from this bench. That is an Atwater Kent Model 20C radio currently undergoing testing. All five tubes tested, are good. : Figure 77 :

The Service Bench

The Service Bench Model Two (2002)<br />Dirty hands in the test equipment calibration room. (Ralph VE3XRM) : Figure 79 :

The Service Bench

Weston Elec. Inst. Corp. No.1 (1910)<br /> : Figure 52 :

Weston Elec. Inst. Corp.

Weston Elec. Inst. Corp. 269<br />Vintage Panel Meter : Figure 103 :

Weston Elec. Inst. Corp.

posted/edited by Ralph [VE3XRM] | 20220906 | 15:31