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Microphone Wireless

FM Wireless Microphone

Figure 168 : FM Wireless Microphone

Guitar Effects

Guitar Tremolo

Figure 439 : Guitar Tremolo

Speaker Protectors

Loudspeaker Protection Unit

Figure 438 : Loudspeaker Protection Unit

Loudspeaker Protection W/Relay

Figure 455 : Loudspeaker Protection W/Relay

Microphone Wireless

Microphone Wireless

Figure 348 : Microphone Wireless

Mono Audio Equilizer

Mono Audio Equilizer

Figure 1169 : Mono Audio Equilizer

Digital Recorders

Single-Message Record/Playback

Figure 343 : Single-Message Record/Playback

Sound Level Display

Sound to Light Unit Using LED

Figure 22 : Sound to Light Unit Using LED

Reverberation Unit

Spring Reverberation

Figure 436 : Spring Reverberation

VU LED Level Meter

VU LED Level Meter

Figure 317 : VU LED Level Meter

VU Level Meters - STEREO

VU Level Meters - STEREO

Figure 417 : VU Level Meters - STEREO